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May 29, 2014 by RedneckDude
12 years ago, I was a drunk, and a drug addict. I was very sick, dying, not knowing it.   And not caring either.   Then, I met a beautiful red haired registered nurse named Lisa Williamson. She worked on the cardiac floor at a Johnson City, Tennessee hospital. We met via a personal ad I had placed in the local paper. Yeah, rednecks can write personal ads. She was 39, and never married. I was 43 and had been married twice. Lisa soon saw that I needed to get sober...
May 17, 2014 by RedneckDude
Hey guys. I can't get Theme Manager to load anything other than Aero Midnight on XP or Vista.   I also can't get MyColors to install on either.   What's up?   I realize that XP is no longer supported, but these programs should work on XP. I hate that I bought a bunch of MyColors themes and can't use them.   When I try to install MyColors, it acts like it's installing, until I see the "downloading MyColors" screen, then the window cl...
April 22, 2014 by RedneckDude
Guys, I thought I'd break a pattern and write a post about me, for a change....heheh...    This Friday, I will be having an ablation. For those who don't know, it's a simple procedure where the Dr. will do a heart catheterization through my groin, up a vein/artery, and into my heart. He will cauterize a line of spots on the inside of my atrium in an effort to correct my atrial flutter. If that doesn't work, I will be fitted with a pacemaker.   A mo...
March 23, 2014 by RedneckDude
March 15, 2014 by RedneckDude
I just had to share this, it's so awesome.   Sorry it's not in English.  
March 14, 2014 by RedneckDude
Well, I hope this isn't spam, but I'll risk it for a good cause. Guys, as I did last year, I'm walking for The March Of Dimes and Eli's Miracle Makers is the team I'm with. Eli is an awesome child....you gotta love him.   Anyway, I hope you'll stop by my site and maybe make a donation, or just stop and look.   It's a really good cause, and I need the exercise...lol.   Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small an...
February 22, 2014 by RedneckDude
Guys, I can't believe this, but I want to tell you what happened to me.   I recently bought a PC that has UEFI BIOS, but also has Windows 8.1 installed in UEFI mode. Tried to create a new partition, in order to dual boot with 7. All hell broke loose. Before partitioning, I of course, made an image backup.  Proceeded to make the partition, only to find that I couldn't boot up after. Some error about the needed drive wasn't connected or available. So, I trie...
February 17, 2014 by RedneckDude
Hey there Trek fans! I discovered this cool app based on LCARS I thought you guys might like. It does some cool things, I wish it did more, but it is nifty. Just wanted to share. Check my short video. It has LCARS sounds, but they didn't make it to the vid, for some reason.  http://screencast.com/t/aIiutGErSN   It can be obtained in the Microsoft Store.
January 24, 2014 by RedneckDude
All new Box for iPhone and iPad + 50GB free!!   BOX.com just released their completely rebuilt Box for for iPhone® and iPad® app. The new app is fast and simple, with an immersive content experience. Check out this video to see it in action and then try it out yourself.  Download it and log in before February 15, 2014 to get 50GB free storage for life! Get it at iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/box-for-iphone-and-ipad/id290853822?mt=8   ...
January 24, 2014 by RedneckDude
Truth about the fast boot in 8 being a hybrid hibernate and not a full shutdown. When running a windows gadget that shows uptime on it, I shutdown. Then start back up, and the uptime meter never stopped running. Even after being "shutdown" for 8 hours.   A restart, however, resets the uptime meter to zero. All  the online info about fast boot says that a restart isn't affected.   This shows that Windows 8, with fast boot enabled, doesn't actually s...
January 20, 2014 by RedneckDude
Start8 Devs, I have a request.   Windows 8 natively allows for the use of taskbars on secondary monitors. Start8 does not put a start button on secondaries. Unless I'm missing something.   Any chance we could get you to add that function? Clocks on each taskbar would be awesome as well, but I don't want to over expect.
January 12, 2014 by RedneckDude
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December 18, 2013 by RedneckDude
Guys, I hope this isn't considered spam.     I got a great half price deal on this and I love it, so I wanted to tell you guys, in case someone else wanted the discount.   It's a nice Bluetooth keyboard/stand for any tablet. I use it with my iPad and my Android. It's at less than half price from the MFG. and sells at Staples for double what I paid!   Listed at $129.99, I paid $39.99.  Staples dot com has it at $79.99.   htt...
November 30, 2013 by RedneckDude
Hey guys, I can't seem to find the thread on the new iOS game Stardock released.   Anyone care to point? 
November 27, 2013 by RedneckDude
Myasthenia Gravis   Does anyone have first hand experience/knowledge with this condition? If so, please chime in here, or PM me. I just want to know if it's as bad as Google links say it is.   My Mom in law has it, (pending further testing) and her future looks pretty dim.   Any info you have would be appreciated.   Thanks.