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February 12, 2022 by RedneckDude
Hey guys.  You all are family.  I have been in this community long enough to feel like I can share real life stuff with you. A scant few of you know the story of where I have been and what I have been through. ( Not that I have had it so bad. ) I have been on the bottom. I have lost my spirit when I lost my entire family.  But I made it through.  I think you also know I am an avid fisherman.   I just wanted to share this, because I am religious man, and a human ...
February 9, 2022 by RedneckDude
I wonder why ObjectDesktop thinks WindowBlinds is compatible with Windows 11?  
December 30, 2021 by RedneckDude
Hey guys.  This is what you can do with Windows 11 without WindowBlinds or Curtains.  Just saying.   Not so bad?  
October 7, 2021 by RedneckDude
I know Windows 11 is new, but I have it on several PCs and ODM errors on checking for updates on all of them.  Just a heads up.
September 25, 2021 by RedneckDude
Some work, some don't.  This one 404's on me.  
August 14, 2021 by RedneckDude
Not an issue, but a suggestion.   Why not make it easier for people to find answers to their own issues by making it so we can sort the forums by category? Just a thought. I have one now and then.  You know, like the time I suggested to add a "go to top" button on each reply (which was already there...lol.)  
May 7, 2021 by RedneckDude
Hey guys. I hope someone out there has multiple taskbars and can confirm this.   Also I hope Stardock can fix it.  Although I think it's a Microsoft thing.   I have triple monitors with a taskbar on all monitors.  The main monitor gets a different context menu than the others when right clicking the taskbar.   Yall seeing the same? Main monitor:   Secondaries:  
May 3, 2021 by RedneckDude
Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here (Baloise Session 2015), 1st Edition - YouTube      
April 25, 2021 by RedneckDude
Is the 25% off applied in conjunction with our discounts we already get for our subscriptions/memberships?   Asking for a friend...lol.
January 24, 2021 by RedneckDude
When giving Karma to someone from their profile, the dialog just sits there after hitting the give karma button. Stays open as if you haven't applied it.   Now for the crickets....................................................................................
November 3, 2020 by RedneckDude
Guys, I know a lot about computers. I build, refurb, and repair.  I have seen something tonight I have never seen before.   Has anyone here ever experienced an automatic BIOS update upon booting an HP PC?  No HP bloatware installed, no support assistant, etc.   This is scary. I never heard of an automatic BIOS update.
August 13, 2020 by RedneckDude
Hey guys, does this recent update apply to all Multiplicity, or just the basic one with ObjDesktop?   I mean, is there an update for the pro versions?
June 22, 2020 by RedneckDude
T Man, can you fix this?   If I try to put more than one image in a post, I get this error.  Forces me to add a reply for each image I put up.  
April 12, 2020 by RedneckDude
Hey, you guys are used to me posting Kenny Wayne Shepard Shit   Try this out! Five Finger Death Punch plus Kenny Wayne Shepherd Plus Brian May    
April 6, 2020 by RedneckDude
I have been subscribing to a few posts.  It isn't working.  I do not get any alert of new replies.