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May 27, 2019 by RedneckDude
Devs, I know you're gonna be thinking this isn't important, I say it doesn't instill the greatest of confidence in the site's developers.

My forum subscriptions page says I'm subscribed to 205 posts/threads, LOL, yeah, right.

It also says I have 5 pages when I'm actually only subscribed to 2 threads.

Now how is one to put faith in things around here when something so basic is wonky?

November 28, 2018 by RedneckDude
Well, if I can do this, we shall know, shall we not?
November 27, 2018 by RedneckDude
Does anyone have any possible solutions for this dilemma?


I have 3 identical Samsung 32" curved monitors. All running the same wallpaper, WB, etc. All hooked to same graphics card, all HDMI. (One is DP to HDMI).


The right and left screens look normal. The center has a pinkish cast/tint to it. Only see it on light wallpapers/windows, notepad, etc.

All 3 have been reset to factory defaults.
November 4, 2018 by RedneckDude
I can't post a reply from Internet Explorer, yet I can from Chrome and Edge.


Anyone else with this issue?


Anyone have any ideas other than clear the cache, which I have already done?
October 12, 2018 by RedneckDude
Hey Mods, Devs, whoever. I am signed in and getting ads. I have cleared the cache and rebooted.


Still getting ads.  And, oddly, I can't log off WC.
July 31, 2018 by RedneckDude
I can't believe I need to ask this, but how do I view my WC subscription status?
March 20, 2018 by RedneckDude
Hey there, Multiplicity Devs.

I have a triple boot system on the other end of the house from my main rig. I know this isn't currently possible, but is there any way it could be in the future?


I'd like to be able to reboot from one OS to another via KVM. But, of course, Multi. isn't loaded yet when I see the OS choice screen.


Is it even in the realm of possibility for a future version?


February 15, 2018 by RedneckDude
Guys, it is with a heavy heart that I pass on to you that I just received a call with bad news.

Our friend, and long time helpful soul in the forums here has died at 2 AM, EST, Thursday, Feb. 15th, 2018.

Wizard1956 has gone to be with his wife in heaven.


Wiz was a lot of help here, and a long time special friend to me. He tested all my DesktopX stuff, and that is how we met.  He and his wife, Theda have visited us here in Tennessee and we spent time with them in I...
January 20, 2018 by RedneckDude
Hey devs. Good on ya for the ability to upload images directly.


Now, I just tried and was greeted with an image upload limit reached error.  Am I only allowed so many images in a time slot, per thread, or what?


If there are rules and limitations, it would be good to know what they are, please.  TIA..
December 28, 2017 by RedneckDude
Hey guys. Who is into VR?


I recently set up 2 rigs for VR. One with Oculus Rift, the other with the HTC Vive.


I'd be interested in any talk, info, discussion on either system, or maybe any other options for VR.


Pros, cons, what have you.  Got anything to say?
December 23, 2017 by RedneckDude
I have 8 ram slots, and a quad channel board. I can't get the system to boot with any more than 2 ram sticks installed.  6 empty ram slots just bothers me to no end.
October 4, 2017 by RedneckDude
Why are my wallpapers so heavy?  How can I make them lighter without quality issues?


Any help appreciated.
March 23, 2017 by RedneckDude
Spam Reporting and Karma are broken.


500 Error given.
December 12, 2016 by RedneckDude
I have 3 Stardock accounts. Under 3 different emails. 3 seperate Object Desktop subscriptions.


Why are my apps asking for activation when they were already activated and running fine for months?


Also, on one rig, all of a sudden, WindowBlinds reports that it isn't correctly installed. It's been running fine for months.


Please fix this, Stardock.
December 1, 2016 by RedneckDude
My brother is in ICU on life support, prayers needed...he has respiratory failure, lungs full of fluid, high CO2 and low oxygen levels, very confused, and it seems he's been off his meds for diabetes, etc.


He smokes, eats too much, generally doesn't take care of himself.


They have him at critical status.


I would appreciate any prayers and well wishes.


EDIT: My brother is now gone.  See my last post.