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For The Love Of My Life
Published on May 29, 2014 By RedneckDude In Life, the Universe and Everything

12 years ago, I was a drunk, and a drug addict.

I was very sick, dying, not knowing it.


And not caring either.


Then, I met a beautiful red haired registered nurse named Lisa Williamson. She worked on the cardiac floor at a Johnson City, Tennessee hospital.

We met via a personal ad I had placed in the local paper. Yeah, rednecks can write personal ads.

She was 39, and never married. I was 43 and had been married twice.

Lisa soon saw that I needed to get sober, or would be in bad shape soon. So she started pushing me to get sober. Pushing so hard, that it broke us up. But not for long.

Not too long after, I did develop some liver trouble, amongst other things, like diabetes, GERD, etc.

Fast forward 10 years. I am now healthy and still very much in love with my red haired beauty.



Lisa saved my life, literally. She is an awesome person, the love of my life, my saving grace, the reason I'm here bugging you guys. As opposed to pushing up daisies.




Lisa, I love you, and hope to spend eternity with you!  Happy Anniversary!

on May 29, 2014

  Happy Anniversary  

on May 29, 2014

Some music from our wedding.






on May 29, 2014

Congratulation to both you Jim and Lisa, may you have many more Anniversaries together. 

on May 29, 2014

You are one lucky dude......dude. Happy Anniversary Jim and Lisa. 

on May 29, 2014

Happy anniversary, kids! 

on May 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary RND  to you and  your lovely bride!  



on May 29, 2014

Happy anniversary Jim and Lisa!

on May 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary! to the two nicest people I know.

on May 29, 2014

Thanks everyone!  




Happy Anniversary! to the two nicest people I know.

You mean someone else has an anniversary today?         

on May 31, 2014

Do you mean it's her fault that you're still hanging around? Congratulations to the two of you, and may you have many more years.