Just my thoughts....
Not really an issue...lol.
Published on August 14, 2021 By RedneckDude In Forum Issues

Not an issue, but a suggestion.


Why not make it easier for people to find answers to their own issues by making it so we can sort the forums by category?

Just a thought. I have one now and then.  You know, like the time I suggested to add a "go to top" button on each reply (which was already there...lol.)


on Aug 14, 2021

I realize we have the search function, when it actually functions.  But I mean this:




Click that and the page sorts by category.

on Aug 14, 2021


Appreciate your feedback, I think, you should also post this inside here->https://forums.stardock.com/485331/the-forum-feature-improvement-sticky

Thank you,

Stardock Community Assistant

on Aug 15, 2021