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October 4, 2017 by RedneckDude
Why are my wallpapers so heavy?  How can I make them lighter without quality issues?   Any help appreciated.
September 3, 2015 by RedneckDude
With the risk of being labeled as a Stardock suck up, I would just like to say how much I appreciate the latest activation setup that Stardock has employed.   I have a varying number of PCs in my home (usually around 8 or 9, which is why I have 2 Stardock accounts) that mostly all run a varying mixture of Stardock products. I build PCs as a hobby now, since skinning has kind of become a secondary hobby. And, as a good builder, I use the systems I build for a bit before I sell them. Just ...
October 26, 2013 by RedneckDude
Is it normal to have to log off and back on in Windows 8.1 in order for desktop wallpaper to show up on the Decor8 screen?   I set it, but it doesn't take effect.
May 27, 2013 by RedneckDude
Hey Devs. I wonder if it would be possible to maybe build in a cursor tester in the next release of CursorFX?   I have been building a few and thought it would be handy. I know there are testers in the gallery, one of them is mine. Just a thought.   Pretty please.... 
December 5, 2012 by RedneckDude
I'd like to get an idea how many drives/partitions the average user has. It will help me to determine the best number of drives to leave space for when I use the self expanding drive meters I use in my DX themes. I have 5 drives/partitions, more when using a flash drive or SD card. So I like space for 7 or 8.   But if the end user only has one or two, there'll be a lot of wasted space left over.....looks funny.   Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you guys wou...
November 22, 2012 by RedneckDude
Guys, anyone having a touch screen PC, be it with Windows 7 or Windows 8, I stumbled upon this, you guys may already know about.   It's Microsoft Touch Pack.    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/whats-the-microsoft-touch-pack-for-windows-7   It's for Windows 7, but it seems to work on 8.   My favorite part is the interactive Lagoon screensaver. You can interact with the water.
October 26, 2012 by RedneckDude
Any idea why the RC menu is sometimes behind the start panel?    
September 24, 2012 by RedneckDude
Man, I am sorry I am late finding this guys.  I know that Snowman and I use DisplayFusion for multimonitor setups.   If anyone else out there is interested in it, they are running a contest of sorts. But it started in August and ends at the end of september.   Anyway, there is still time, if you want a free pro license for DisplayFusion, check the external link above, or go here.   http://www.wallpaperfusion.com/News/2012/08/earn-free-displayfusion-license/ ...
September 20, 2012 by RedneckDude
This is a "just sayin'" post.   I'm just saying.....seems like Windows 8 will run DX Pro 3.5.   Haven't tried 4.0.   YAY!!!!!      
July 6, 2012 by RedneckDude
Hey guys, anyone...I need help scripting z order. A snip of script to add to existing script. Anyone feel like helping a redneck out?   Skarn.....sViz...anyone? 
April 4, 2012 by RedneckDude
I would just absolutely love it if anyone would care to get SydneySiders' permission to make a dream from this awesome piece of art.                             Any takers?   https://www.wincustomize.com/explore/wallpapers/29804/
March 26, 2012 by RedneckDude
Would it be possible to include an option in SDC to allow us to ignore certain updates?   I ask because SDC keeps nagging me to "update" an app I already have installed. It want's to update Object Dock 1.9 to 2.1 but I already have both installed.   Beyond this, I can see how the option would be useful for others too.
November 7, 2011 by RedneckDude
Hey guys, just a heads up. Due to a lack of Weather Channel weather feed, once again, I will be updating all my TWC weather widgets with ones from weatherunderground, which is what I'm currently using. Replacement will take time, especially since I'm a tad busy at this time.   It uses scripting by sViz, she's awesome and I thank her for the working weather script!! She has a template for it in her gallery.   I'll come back here to update this thread wit...
March 5, 2011 by RedneckDude
Guys and gals, just a post to let you know that there seems to be some trouble at the WU site. This is causing my weather widgets to act up. I assure you, it's the site and it will clear up.   Thanks for your patience.
March 1, 2011 by RedneckDude
Hey guys and gals! Just thought I'd let you all know why the Feb. RND Skinner Spotlight didn't happen. With a lot of sickness in the family lately, and the recent flooding in this area, I've been a tad busy either tending to the ill, or sucking 6" of water out of my father in law's basement with a shop vac and a bucket.   My father in law has been going back and forth to Nashville, Tn. to Vanderbilt Hospital to have botox injections into his vocal chords. I have been his dr...