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VBS Scripting
Published on July 6, 2012 By RedneckDude In OS Customization

Hey guys, anyone...I need help scripting z order. A snip of script to add to existing script. Anyone feel like helping a redneck out?



on Jul 06, 2012

Maybe I just need the Object.Top script?

Keeping an object on top is what I need. I have an object fly in from off screen. It comes in under any open window. I need it on top.

on Jul 06, 2012

Get a bug zapper. Oh...and close the window.

on Jul 06, 2012

Funny guy....Hi Steve...good seeing you. 

on Jul 06, 2012

Skarn reminded me how stupid I am. It was in DX all along, the fix I needed....lol.


Thanks Skarn!!