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Published on March 20, 2018 By RedneckDude In Personal Computing

Hey there, Multiplicity Devs.

I have a triple boot system on the other end of the house from my main rig. I know this isn't currently possible, but is there any way it could be in the future?


I'd like to be able to reboot from one OS to another via KVM. But, of course, Multi. isn't loaded yet when I see the OS choice screen.


Is it even in the realm of possibility for a future version?



on Mar 20, 2018

Hmmmmmm.......maybe this is worth looking into...




on Mar 20, 2018

Ok, iReboot works fine. But I'd still love to see this function added to Multiplicity KVM Pro. Please....

on Mar 20, 2018


I have forwarded your report to the Stardock support team for their review and recommendations. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

We really do appreciate your feedback, thanks.

on Mar 20, 2018

Thanks Mike.

on Mar 22, 2018

It is not possible for Multiplicity to be running before Windows has loaded.

Multiplicity does work from the logon screen, but that is as early as it could be supported.

on Mar 22, 2018

Neil, how about adding the same function as I get from iReboot?




I'm in Windows 10, I right click the Multiplicity icon, select the OS I wish to reboot to, then hit reboot......PC boots to my chosen OS. Can be done before the reboot.....(see pic)


I know iReboot does it for me, but it would/should be easy to incorporate the function into a software that I already use.



Keep in mind that I'm doing this via KVM from the other end of the house. This way, I can change to a different OS without having to be there to choose the needed OS. I prechoose which to boot to. If Neosmart can do it, I'm sure Multi could as well.


Just a request...    

on Mar 23, 2018

Surely I'm not the only one who would benefit from this feature?