Just my thoughts....
I just got both..want any input you have...
Published on December 28, 2017 By RedneckDude In Personal Computing

Hey guys. Who is into VR?


I recently set up 2 rigs for VR. One with Oculus Rift, the other with the HTC Vive.


I'd be interested in any talk, info, discussion on either system, or maybe any other options for VR.


Pros, cons, what have you.  Got anything to say?

on Jan 05, 2018

Oooooookay, then.......lol..


Hehe, haha...

on Jan 05, 2018

You bought B O T H ! ?    

-Never want to hear complaints on your cashflow situation ever again.

Oculus $400 vs HTC $800 -Guess which one is the King of VR, duh.   

on Jan 05, 2018

They were Christmas gifts Andy.

on Jan 07, 2018

Andy, Tom got it right, but only the Oculus. The Vive belongs to someone else. And it has come down in price.


It is now only 599.00.....


Only, he says.....haha.

on Jan 07, 2018


Oculus $400 vs HTC $800 -Guess which one is the King of VR, duh.

Well, apparently HTC and Intel have something in common.  Overpriced.


The Vive isn't as good as the Oculus, IMO, having used both on the same PC.

on Jan 08, 2018

I have a Rift, and I love the technology. The problem I have is that there are very few games with "substance" for it. I can hop on and play 5-15 minutes of some game, but none of the games give me a good reason to keep coming back. The technology is amazing though, and I can't wait until some games with substance come out (I bought Elite: Dangerous but haven't had time over the holidays to play).

on Jan 08, 2018

Games pfft...

THIS is tha SHIT!

VR of course, Rift or Vive   

on Jan 08, 2018

I just picked up a Rift a couple of weeks ago and man have I've been blown away! My main gaming love is military flight sims. WWI, WWII, modern, all are good in my book and using the rift in games like DCS or IL-2 is just mind blowing. My wife is constantly laughing at me as she walks by my study and she hears me saying "wow, this is soooo cool!", etc. I had initially told her I had no interest in the tech when it first came out but one of my online flying buddies told me to try it a couple of months ago and I'd never look back... he was right!

on Jan 08, 2018

Well, with my very small amount of personal experience with the platforms I can say the following


HTC Vive - More painful on first setup with more physical components to place and configure but works faster and easier with your steam library


Occulus Rift - Appeared to be a little less system intensive when using the Rift Store for games, lag introduced when attempting to use the steam bridge to play steam games, and thankfully less hardware to setup for the first go around on it.


Now another fun thing that's out is Microsoft's Hololense tech which is an Augmented Reality if that interests you.  It'd be one of those where you could build a castle or plan out a war strategy on your desktop or table top without losing view of everyone around while you play.

on Jan 08, 2018

Personally, I find the Oculus much better, visually.  I actually don't like the Vive. I can't get things focused with it as well as the Oculus. I have tried both with my reading glasses on, not a good thing with either set.

on Jan 08, 2018

I had a chance to play a bit on Vive last October, bit of Serious Sam and then some other stuff and it certainly has lot of potential, but the resolution is in dire need of increase before that happens. I did not realize, until i tried, what people mean by that you can see pixels - now i do and honestly, its terrible, everything looks sadly like shit, jagged, blurry... when you compare it to crystal clear image of some 32 inch 4K display you or even better 38 inch ultrawide, those are far better choice right now IMO...

Then again, once the tech matures, resolutions and visuals improve, its gonna be awesome, cause its really, really immersive. I was literally moving my whole body to avoid some fireballs the enemies were shooting at me - or i fell from some kind of walkway out of skyscraper window and i totally felt that weird feeling in the back of my head like when you move in a fast lift or inside the plane which is taking off - so it totally managed to fool my senses! 

Lets just hope it does not die before it gets good enough.