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This is funny stuff!
Published on January 27, 2016 By RedneckDude In Everything Else

For all you Australians out there......





on Jan 28, 2016

Hehe, this adds a new meaning to the old saying/insult: "Suck Shit", don't it. 

I can hear it now: "Geez, mate, I know that siphoning can leave a nasty taste in yer mouth, but fair flamin' dinkum, this petrol tastes like crap."

It also takes 'recycling' to a whole new level.

on Jan 28, 2016

Australian buses [and cars] don't run on gasoline.....we use petrol.

It's similar....except our 'standard' is more like US 'premium'.

US 'standard' is lower octane than what these gits were sucking....



....and more than likely it was a diesel bus, anyway...

on Jan 28, 2016