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Published on January 2, 2011 By RedneckDude In Everything Else

I can see that my Skinner Spotlight might be easier to do from here. It seems to be set up differently. I dunno.

I'm gonna look into it. Suggestions welcome.

on Jan 02, 2011

JU is ok

on Jan 02, 2011

Thanks for the enthusiasm Tim! 

on Jan 02, 2011

Anyone who wants to do any type of article/tutorial writing for WC, JU, or Impulse really needs to use Live Writer.  I can't stress enough what a time saver it is.



on Jan 02, 2011

Thanks ID, I'll look into it. Would it help me with RDSS?


on Jan 03, 2011

Yeah, it makes writing articles much easier.

on Jan 03, 2011

I use live writer...but it always gives me errors when I try to put in pics and links....what's up with that?

I usually have to copy the entire article and paste it into my blog.