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Published on June 22, 2020 By RedneckDude In Forum Issues

T Man, can you fix this?


If I try to put more than one image in a post, I get this error.  Forces me to add a reply for each image I put up.


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on Jun 26, 2020


I can post several images at once, so image spamming isn't the problem here.

It could be total image size.

I am not involved with the forums but I will point Pat to this post.

on Jun 27, 2020

Neil Banfield

It could be total image size.
They were very small screenshots, Neil.  Thumbnails.

on Jun 28, 2020

Bump for monday, I will be in surgery.


on Jun 29, 2020

Jim it looks like your going to have to wait a while longer.

on Jun 29, 2020

Oh great. Well, we see what/who gets preference around here.  Subscriber to WC AND multiple ObjectDesktop subscriptions for over 15 years and they just throw me on the back burner...buncha crap. This post has been up plenty long enough to get at least an effort to fix it.


Yeah, not that big of a deal...Well, it is to me.


Oh well.  This pisses me off. I may get demoted, but here it is.   Since 2004, october, my first nick, I have been here, paying all the time, doing my due diligence in the forums, GIVING AWAY a gallery of over 1500 "skins".  Participating in most ALL community projects. Helping all I can.    3 seperate subscriptions to Object Desktop.  Paid all this time.  This may have to change.  It's no wonder all the old members have left.  This ain't the place it used to be.  And I may just not be around much anymore.


Between WC subs and ObDesktop subs, I hate to think how much I have invested in 16 years.         

on Jun 30, 2020

Hello Jim,

Sorry if I don't post here but I did send in a report on your issue to Support internally. On the 25th.

Just so you know..

Thank you,

Stardock Community Assistant

on Jun 30, 2020



If this works I suspect it's perhaps the way you're doing it...ie directly from your machine...or from a URL or something.

These are big...all searched/located on my machine.... added one at a time to the same post...before pressing 'submit'.

Like I said...if this works then it's maybe something at your end...

on Jun 30, 2020

And it worked...

And to take out another variable....was done on/from the 'Stardock' forum....shall repeat via WC...

on Jun 30, 2020


Got lazy....2 defines it as ok....via WC ...these are all big, with no input to restrain/constrain size.

Edit....there's the problem....WC has lost one.

on Jun 30, 2020

Now from Joe User....

Test for JU showing 2.

How 'bout dat ....JU is fine too...

When T-Man's back from hols I'll get him to monkey-wrench things for WC...

RND.....I think at the mo....just upload via Stardock, not Wincustomize.

on Jun 30, 2020

Jim if you want to post 2 pics use 2 reply's. I have found that when I take SS I have to bring it PSP and resave it because the file size is too large and I have to save it as a jpg file.

on Jun 30, 2020

Al, not the point.  And not always conducive to getting the idea across well.

Thanks though.


Paul, I appreciate it. It may be on my end, but that really doesn't help me. It is probably something I need help sorting.

I'm not using hosting. Uploading directly from my machine.  Small images mostly.


I'll try Stardock or JU.


Tried things like clearing caches, etc. 


Sorry for the rant. Tired from lack of sleep and surgery, but I do still feel like some of us don't get the attention that they should after all the years of input and cash.


Gives insight on why the elders fade away, maybe.

on Jun 30, 2020

I'm still skipping and dancing after getting a groovy new feature related to banning....makes my life infinitely better.

They say good things come to he who waits [but so does old age]....and then there's "what about 'she'"? ...

It affects me too on WC so it's not 'your end' causing the pic limit....

on Jun 30, 2020

It affects me too on WC so it's not 'your end' causing the pic limit....
Thanks for that.

I'm still skipping and dancing after getting a groovy new feature related to banning....makes my life infinitely better.
Possible message in there for me?  LOL....

on Jun 30, 2020


Possible message in there for me?  LOL....

Only that patience is golden....I think I asked for the 'feature' about 15 years ago....

Fortunately, I'm still [just] young enough to 'skip and dance' ...

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