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Rock it hard!
Published on July 3, 2019 By RedneckDude In Everything Else

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on Sep 27, 2021

on Sep 27, 2021

This next one is Radar Love with a difference and has a naughty film clip.  Do not click on link if you are offended by giggling boobies.

Radar Love Naughty


on Sep 28, 2021

on Oct 09, 2021

on Oct 11, 2021

on Oct 12, 2021

I Hope this postis posted properly... 
I am not usually a "Country" Fan, but this crosses all styles. IMHO




on Oct 18, 2021

on Oct 19, 2021

Spent my day listening to blues. Here’s one of my favorites. Joe Bonamassa’s version of Gary Moore’s “Midnight Blues”. His version from the Beacon Theater concert is the best.

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