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Won't work on XP or Vista
Published on May 17, 2014 By RedneckDude In Object Desktop

Hey guys. I can't get Theme Manager to load anything other than Aero Midnight on XP or Vista.


I also can't get MyColors to install on either.


What's up?


I realize that XP is no longer supported, but these programs should work on XP. I hate that I bought a bunch of MyColors themes and can't use them.


When I try to install MyColors, it acts like it's installing, until I see the "downloading MyColors" screen, then the window closes, no error, nothing.


Same on Vista.


I have tried the standalone MyColors and installing a MyColors theme. No go.

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on Oct 12, 2014

I have previously purchased some of these, when they still were MyColors. So I have to re-purchase them ??

on Oct 12, 2014

Log into your "My Products" at Stardock and see if you already have some of them listed in the standard format.


You're looking for a description that starts with "Premium Theme" instead of "My Colors".  Scroll through the whole page, they may be scattered around a little bit.


on Nov 02, 2014

cant load any tm suites..help


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