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Community member in dire straits...
Published on December 8, 2010 By RedneckDude In Community

Guys and gals, I'm sure some of you have been wondering what has happened to our friend, Wizard1956. I know a few have asked and until now, I have been asked to keep a lid on it. Randy and Theda didn't want everyone knowing the have been having it a bit hard.


But just a few minutes ago, I talked to Wiz on the phone. He called to let me know that he'd be inaccessible until sometime next year, not for sure when.

A few weeks ago Wiz told me he would be losing internet due to his hours being cut. A week or so later, I decided to try calling him at work and was told he was let go. So he now has no job, no unemployment yet (pending), and no phone, TV, or internet. His wife's part time income barely keeps the rent paid and heat on. Things are progressively getting worse, and now he tells me his car is out of commission and his wife is walking to and from work. Oh, and food is scarce until he can get food stamps going. So even a walmart gift card would help...anything.

So, I guess I'm asking if anyone would like to send a card, a gift, or a small donation to help Randy and Theda with a little Christmas joy. I'm sure they would appreciate it, and so would I. I am sending a few bucks friday, just a small amount.

If someone would just send a Christmas card it would brighten their holiday. I'm sure it's a bummer being in this jam for the holidays.

Wizard has asked me to tell everyone at WC he says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and that he will hopefully see us in a month or two.

If anyone wants to send him anything at all, a Christmas card, 5 bucks, a gift....anything...please PM me for his address. He has no bank account but can get small checks cashed at his wifes work.

I truly hope some of us can do something to cheer these people up for the holidays.


UPDATE....Wiz has opened a bank account so that he can get checks cashed. Those who have sent checks won't have to worry if he can use them.

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on May 07, 2011

Nice gif, Uvah!


ah, crap. 


Wizard dust. That mean he ain't 'hydrated'? Or constipated? hehehe.  j/k, Jim. It'll be great to have the Wiz back.


No, he's just so old, he blows Wizard dust when he farts....

on May 07, 2011


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