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Published on October 28, 2009 By RedneckDude In Community

 Friends and fellow WCites,

     My wife Lisa  and I are in need of some heavy duty prayer help. She may have lung cancer. I hope not.

     About 3 months ago, while at the local movie theater, my wife accidentally inhaled a piece of popcorn. We gave it little thought at the time. Over time, it has caused her an infection, pneumonia, a hell of a lot of coughing, some pukin', 3 CT scans, and lots of irritation and soreness.

     This past sunday, she started coughing and kept it up till she vomited, and being a nurse, she refused to go to the ER. After about an hour and 15 minutes of solid coughing, I and her mother finally decided she was going to the ER, like it or not. Nurses are the worst patients. They treated her with codeine, and ativan by injection and sent her home.

     Tuesday she had a bronchoscopy. They didn't find any popcorn, we are fairly certain she coughed it up on sunday, I saw it in the bag she was pukin' in. But they did find what the Doc called "inflammatory growth". He biopsied it, and we'll have results in a few days.

     He is treating her with breathing treatments, steroids, codeine, and an inhaler. He advised us that this will fix her, if it isn't cancer.

     Seth, if you read this, your 2 cents is appreciated.

     Friends, please say a word or two of prayer for us, add her to your prayer list at church, every little bit helps.

     This may be an odd request, but feel free to email her spirit lifting messages, if you feel comfortable in doing so. 


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on Oct 28, 2009

So sorry to hear this, Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. I hope everything turns out okay.

on Oct 28, 2009

well I don't pray but here's hoping everything turns out okay.



and on a lighter note.. her email address gave me a laugh

on Oct 28, 2009

*doc's waiting for Jafo to tell him how boring doc is

Nope....informative is a better adjective.... Spell checker

I wish you and your wife well, Jim ....

on Oct 28, 2009

I don't pray, but for what it's worth, she will be in my thoughts and I do hope it's nothing serious.

on Oct 28, 2009

Doc, your words are encouraging, as are all the other responses! Thanks guys, you all are the best! 

on Oct 28, 2009

You are both in my thoughts and prayers Jim.

on Oct 28, 2009

Hey, Jim, here's hoping all is well and that it's only a minor irritation caused by the popcorn.  I know what it's like to have somebody near and dear not feeling the best, so let's all hope meds will fix it and you and yours can be on your merry way.

on Oct 28, 2009

Sorry I'm late to the thread ....pesky job thing.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I hope everything goes well and Lisa has a speedy recovery.

Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes for my good friends.

on Oct 28, 2009

....daerht siht ni sdraswkcab tuo semoc gnipyt ym

on Oct 28, 2009

this is actually sydney.....I'm just signed in on v's account......I've tried half a dozen times to reply to this this morning....and everytime...my typing comes out backwards....only in this thread...so...go figure...


just wanted to say.....I know how horrible it is waiting around for test results like this....keep her busy....make her laugh....humour always helps to lighten the stress....either way....you've jumped on the problem quickly....will be thinking of you...and hoping for the best.... 




Ooo...might give myself some karma.....

on Oct 28, 2009

Hoping for a bright outcome and praying for you and your family,

on Oct 28, 2009

Sorry to hear this Redneck.

I hope things in the next few days comes out just fine and Lisa has a fast recovery.

All the best for you and your wife now and into the future.

on Oct 28, 2009

My thought and prayers are with you and your wife Redneck

on Oct 28, 2009

All the best to your wife and you, Jim. Let's hope that it's just popcorn.

on Oct 29, 2009

Jim, You and Your wife are in My thoughts.

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