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Published on October 26, 2013 By RedneckDude In OS Customization

Is it normal to have to log off and back on in Windows 8.1 in order for desktop wallpaper to show up on the Decor8 screen?


I set it, but it doesn't take effect.

on Oct 26, 2013

Whatever happened to Is it just me or.....?

on Oct 26, 2013

8 too much, did you?

on Oct 26, 2013

on Oct 26, 2013


8.1 naturally does this. I think you either have to turn windows ability to do it off, or on. Can't remember as I went back to 8.0 because of the dang tile colors.

on Oct 26, 2013

Wiz is becoming a regular Win8 troll.... 


Thanks Phoon...I'll look into it.  

on Oct 27, 2013

Thanks Phoon...I'll look into it. 

to toggle this setting right click on the taskbar and choose properties. Go to the navigation tab. There is an option titled: Show my desktop background on Start.

on Oct 28, 2013

That works! 

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