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Published on October 28, 2009 By RedneckDude In

 Friends and fellow WCites,

     My wife Lisa  and I are in need of some heavy duty prayer help. She may have lung cancer. I hope not.

     About 3 months ago, while at the local movie theater, my wife accidentally inhaled a piece of popcorn. We gave it little thought at the time. Over time, it has caused her an infection, pneumonia, a hell of a lot of coughing, some pukin', 3 CT scans, and lots of irritation and soreness.

     This past sunday, she started coughing and kept it up till she vomited, and being a nurse, she refused to go to the ER. After about an hour and 15 minutes of solid coughing, I and her mother finally decided she was going to the ER, like it or not. Nurses are the worst patients. They treated her with codeine, and ativan by injection and sent her home.

     Tuesday she had a bronchoscopy. They didn't find any popcorn, we are fairly certain she coughed it up on sunday, I saw it in the bag she was pukin' in. But they did find what the Doc called "inflammatory growth". He biopsied it, and we'll have results in a few days.

     He is treating her with breathing treatments, steroids, codeine, and an inhaler. He advised us that this will fix her, if it isn't cancer.

     Seth, if you read this, your 2 cents is appreciated.

     Friends, please say a word or two of prayer for us, add her to your prayer list at church, every little bit helps.

     This may be an odd request, but feel free to email her spirit lifting messages, if you feel comfortable in doing so. 


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on Oct 28, 2009


    In my thoughts and prayers, Jim....

on Oct 28, 2009

Your In my prayers, Jim

on Oct 28, 2009

My thought and prayers are with you and your wife Jim.

on Oct 28, 2009

My thoughts are definately with your wife and the entire family Jim.

on Oct 28, 2009

You have my best wishes for a benign result  as well.

Thank you, Philly, for making us aware of this on IRC.


on Oct 28, 2009

All my best wishes and prayers for your Wife Jim.


Stay strong for her whichever scenario unfolds.

on Oct 28, 2009

You have been and still are in my prayers.

on Oct 28, 2009

I will say a special prayer for you and your wife. May God be with you in this trying time and I hope everything comes out well.

on Oct 28, 2009

I'll be praying for her as well.  Keep a postive outlook, and God will take care of you both...

on Oct 28, 2009

oh man, Jim.

Your wife and you are in my thoughts.

on Oct 28, 2009

Thanks guys, she'll appreciate reading your responses. I have told her what a caring bunch of friends I have here at WC!

on Oct 28, 2009

count me in...prayers on the way!

on Oct 28, 2009


My thought and prayers are with you and your wife. I lost my mother to lung cancer...it's tough.

God be with you and yours.

on Oct 28, 2009

You’re both in my prayers!

on Oct 28, 2009

You have all the support I can give you. Already said a prayer for you. I sent a PM to you Jim.

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